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Striving for academic excellence has always been the hallmark of LEARNING LORE PRESCHOOL and we at LEARNING LORE PRESCHOOL, KANPUR are committed to provide a comprehensive and holistic education which helps develop the children into academically proficient, morally upright and socially well integrated individuals. We infuse the spirit of enquiry in our children which leads to experimentation and thus to invention.

It is our earnest endeavor to inculcate the social and moral values in our children so that they become responsible children of the country and are able to contribute their best towards the upliftment of the society and the masses in general. Our students are also sensitive about the social evils prevailing in the society and are not oblivion of social problems. We strongly believe in imparting man making and character building education along with providing modern and scientific temperament in the children.

Our mission is to create individuals who grow up as a disciplined, responsible, productive citizen of a democratic country and at the same time are confident about their potential and are goal oriented, sensitive to their environment and above all, co-creators of their own destiny. We introduce well balanced integrated personalities to the future of tomorrow and foster high standards of behavior based on mutual responsibility and self discipline and inculcate among students not just academic prowess but also human excellence by nurturing values of generosity, truthfulness, compassion, tolerance and justice. We aim to help children realize their inner strength and give them a conducive environment to enable them to grow and evolve as a good social being and a global citizen. We sincerely inculcate and foster in students a strong social consciousness so that they may be effective leaders, team players and leaders of tomorrow.
Mrs. Vandana Singh
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