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Learning Modes
The Learning Lore Preschool
We believe preschool education should give as much exposure as posssible to the child in all areas of development.Appropiate stimulus is the key to early learning.Hence, the activities have been designed keeping the child in mind and ensuring there is "directional" play all the time .It would involve..
1: Individual learning with materials.
2: Small group activities in art, language and gross motor skills.
3: Learning through a thematic.
4: Occasional support learning through role plays, presentation, story telling.
5: Reading
6: Feild trip
7: Project based learning for older children.
8: Cultural celebrations.
We believe the child's home environment plays a very important role in early learning and shaping the child's personality.Keeping this in mind, we will have several parent feedback sessions and guidelines that can be followed in the house to ensure that the school and home together foster the child's development.
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