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Chairman's Message
" “True education release capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence, will and goal-setting competencies, and instills the vision serving the best interest of the community...!” "
It's my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Director of Learning Lore Preschool not only because it's my passion but also because I enjoy the company of my dearly loved students and talented and zealous teachers who keep me energized all the time.

We try to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where ....
alt Academics, Sports and co-curricular Facilities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best.
alt In order to do this, the school works towards inculcating certain values in the students in order to enrich their mind and spirit.
alt Also to develop essential moral attributes like truthfulness, courtesy, generosity, compassion, justice, love and trustworthiness in them.
  Mr.Rajesh Singh
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